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A Note from Chris – Many years ago, I made my first drum and shared it with a friend. We started calling it a SlapDrum.

I was encouraged to share these instruments by the musicians who played them. The music industry is rewarding and full of wonderful people.

I have been making music (noise to some) and SlapDrums ever since.

Who’s Chris?

I graduated from California Polytechnic University in Southern California with a degree in Materials Engineering. Currently, I work at a Product Development Company designing anything from Skateboards to Marine Lanterns to Optical Inspection Devices to In-Flight Entertainment Products – we do it all.

My other job title is Dad. I have two daughters and a beautiful wife. Yea, I am out voted three to one when it comes to what movie we are going to watch, but life is GREAT!

My hobbies (in addition to hand percussion) include kayaking, hiking, and trail riding. Plus about anything that let’s me hang out with the girls. We can make a mean batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I enjoy the hands-on experience of building and creating whether it is a clubhouse, dirt bike project, engineering prototypes, and of course SlapDrums.

Thanks to everyone who sent an email that said “Thanks, I really like my new SlapDrum.”

What About the Development?

First of all it is ongoing – ’cause it’s fun!! But, a long long time ago, I made my first SlapDrum and shared it with a friend, Erik. He records music, plays guitars and drums; Erik has a natural talent for finding the groove.

I brought my first SlapDrum to Erik. After a bit of ribbing and teasing about how “I had made this… all by myself” – the typical friend harassment – then he picked up and gave it a slap.

Surprised at the sound, his eyebrows raised, then nodding his head in a slow and approving manner, he said, “Whooa… cool!” Then it went to the studio for more recording and I have been making music (noise to some) and SlapDrums ever since.

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