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Slap Drum

I got my SlapDrum today. I’ll tell you- i had to wait two days to pick it up… so the anticipation was killing me. So i got it today, and i have to say it is way more than i expected. You truly are making one-of-a-kind drums here and they are fantastic! Keep up the great work!
Willy Demis – Indiana

“Got the drum (SlapDrum) yesterday! It’s beautiful and sounds incredible! A guitar pal of mine came over last night for New Years and we jammed a little, we were both blown away by it’s great sound…”
Keith Greener – New Jersey

I just opened the box this morning and LOVE the drum (SlapDrum) … a “right on” open tone and, even more amazing, I get a good bass tone from it …Thanks.
Alex Alcantar – California

Some of the tunes on the new CD are up at Leela’s myspace page One Drum and Dene Love Song feature the SlapDrum. Thanks a lot again for making such a great instrument!
Deb – Toronto, Canada

I received the drum (SlapDrum). It’s a great addition to our set and adds a nice visual appeal.
Bruce – Tulsa, OK
NovaChild – Visit Bruce at

Hey, I’ve been touring in Europe and using the drum (SlapDrum) in many bands. Everyone loves the drum. I’d like to endorse the SlapDrum.
Thanks, Clarence
Visit Clarence at

These (SlapDrum) are impressive… Artistic.. and Cool.
Bart Robley – Visit Bart at

“I received my SlapDrum last night – its fantastic! You’re a genius man…”
David Julian – Washington

“Wow, that shipping was fast…Better than anything I could have imagined. Congratulations on your product (SlapDrum) and thank you. I was able to get the hang of it pretty quickly.”
Guayo Serrano – Michigan

(SlapDrum)…what a great tone Jacob will be pleased.
Dale Morgan – Idaho

Slap Boxx

I wound up doing the gig with the hole facing the audience … it sounded amazing … It’s really an amazing instrument. (SlapBoxx) Everyone in the room was freaking out asking what this “box” was! Loving it. Thanks,
Denise Martin

Every time I play out with this thing, I get the same amazed response. People just don’t expect such a huge sound and wonderful full-bodied tone out of that little box. It’s been quite the ice breaker between sets. Everybody wants to know what it’s all about. … FYI: I mic it with a Blue Kickball mic at the sound port and on occasion an additional SM 58 directed at the snare “head”. The sound is positively bombastic. Thanks again for the obvious time and attention you’ve put into constructing your Slap Drums. You can hear the quality.
Dirk Benson

Well, I took the SlapBoxx to a Cajón workshop at REMO and several people ooooh’ed and aaaaahhh’ed. I let them try it and several took your info. I really like it!… Many thanks for a quality product!
Kathy Arellano – Sunland, CA

By now, you have some idea what a fan and proponent of cajon drums I am. So bear that in mind when I tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with this SlapBoxx of yours! What an AWESOME cajon to play!It’s very comfortable to sit with AND sounds incredible. Sincerely,
Rick Cormier – Maine

We got it (SlapBoxx) and he loves it! Gonna play it tonight with a group of friends.
Kelli Nixon – SC

It’s Great! It will be on stage next week. Just what I was looking for.
Frank Haddas

I love the SlapBoxx. I plan on using the LapDrum as part of an “all-cajon” kit I’m putting together, and for travel.
I hope you’re well – thanks for the excellent drums!

Snare Slap Boxx

Congrats on the well-deserved national attention from the “Drum” review. I find new ways to create music with my LapDrum & SlapBoxx everyday! I’m getting ready to order another drum from you in a minute!
Thanks, Bruce in Florida

This drum (Snare SlapBoxx) is insane. When I got it home on Tuesday night, I couldn’t stop playing it. I played it for 4 hours. If I wasn’t literally dozing off, I would have played it some more. I can’t wait to hear it mic-ed up. I love the versatility of the snare and the “kick” has the low tones I was hoping for. Thanks for a killer drum. Best,
EMI Music Publishing NY, Budo – Myspace

Got it (Snare SlapBoxx) just in time. Played it for about 15 minutes and then was off to play the gig with it in my percussion arsenal. Took a solo on it with the snares engaged and it brought the house down. Got it on video as well… See video 3.5MB) of Rico with Snared SlapBoxx!
Rick Geragi “Rico” Drums/Percussion – Boca Raton, FL

Just thought you’d like some feedback. I played the opening party for the Phoenix Film Festival last night: “Phil, I got a lot of great comments on your box instrument (Snare SlapBoxx), other musicians in the audience said they have never seen an instrument like that and that you produced some great sounds with the instruments you used, even the sound man was impressed. Several people in the audience told me they liked the percussion fit in the music and that you added a lot to the songs, adding sounds they haven’t heard before”.Regards,
Phil Lucier, StringChemistry

Yahoo, the SlapBoxx has arrived and in perfect condition, even though Australian quarantine have been right through it. I went home for lunch today and there is was, so I had a bit of a tap and really like it. So good to have something a bit different, and I’m amazed that it took so little time to get here, 10 days from the date of order. I teach Middle Eastern Belly dance rhythms on drum and also blend Didgeridoo. Thanks again for your prompt service, and I’ll be showing off the SlapBoxx at the next drum camp, first weekend in December.Cheers,
Mal – Australia
YouTube: Mal on SlapBoxx

I received the drum (Snare SlapBoxx) and I just love it. Where I never had any coordination with my feet to my hands on a regular drum set, I seem to be able to play this a lot better, and not to mention I sound a lot better!!

It was very nice talking to you!! Thanks so much for my new found professional toy!!!
Sandra S. – New York

I purchased a Slap Box from you a few weeks ago. It is great! Tried it out tonight at the Ugly Bar In Vanderbuilt, MI. It went over great. The box has a great sound and with the box sitting on my lap, I was able to play without getting tired, or without getting a sore back. I will be reviewing your web site for future products. Thank You –
Frank Haddas

The Snare SlapBoxx arrived today. Beautiful instrument; very nicely finished, and a great sound. I’m looking forward to learning how to get the best out of it, with snares at different locations or out completely. I was wondering how you would work the snare adjustment, and I think your solution is a good one that’s easy to adjust (even between songs) and yet out of the way. I need to try using brushes in addition to my bare hands.Fun stuff! Thanks.
Jim Quinn – Illinois

I just come in from the custom office with my new slap drum and opened it: Wow, and it sounds GREAT. Thank you very much for that fantastic instrument. I will keep my eyes on it and of course my hands to slap, to stir, to rustle etc. Have a nice day and many greetings.Thanx again,
Jürgen Richter-Irps, Germany

My girlfriend, bought me a SlapDrum (Snare SlapBoxx) for Channukah. I just wanted to say that I LOVE THIS THING! It’s fantastic. Amazing sound in small portable package. I play for every major dance studio and most modern dance companies in town, as well as for several Broadway shows and with many singer/songwriters and bands. I can see so many possibilities for this unique instrument in a multitude of settings and I cannot wait to start using it! And it’s so small I can play it at home in my apartment when I’m just sitting on the couch watching the tube … I play in The Color Purple on Broadway and for the internationally acclaimed touring chamber group Absolute Ensemble. it’s with Absolute Ensemble that I can see myself getting to use it in the near future, as well as for the dance work I do … Amazing craftsmanship and great engineering. It sounds so good. Thanks for creating a great product and for selling an excellent instrument to my girlfriend. Best! Peace,
Damien Bassman

G’Day, I wanted you to know how pleased I am with my Snare SlapBoxx. The construction is solid, the finish is very pleasing to the eye and The Zebra wood trim is very exotic (selected from display in the Art Gallery on I’m new to hand percussion but I’m taking to it quickly. My stringed instrument partners were very impressed at it’s range of sounds and it’s ability to fill in for a full kit on our jams. Fantastic low end when ya hit it in the sweet spot! Thanks again,
Paul E – Riverside County, CA

Slap Cajon

I took it (SlapCajon) to church this morning and played it for our ‘come back’ song (after the coffee break) and as I was leaving, half a dozen people come to me…” I really like your ‘box’…” I’m putting together a monthly “drum circle” (the two home groups I lead already do drumming as part of our worship) and several of the people interested are looking at your web site now.
Danny – Texas

I just received the SlapCajon today – it is amazing! It is an excellent value … more than I expected for the price. It is hard to believe the low end that it produces. I really appreciate you keeping the cost down without sacrificing any quality. I look forward to using it, and with its great construction, I’m sure that I’ll be able to use it for a long, long time! Sincerely,
Brad Bailey

HOLY @&%$ this thing sounds awesome … Man, I’m pulling about 4 congas worth of sounds out of this thing (SlapCajon), and the top (seat) part get’s a real good slap/bongo type sound. Ohhh, and that bass…. Oh My God. I’ll spread the word — more likely, the instrument will do it for me. Take care.
Gary Moser – Alameda, CA

I’m a professional, regularly gigging Latin percussionist, playing currently with our award-winning septet Tumbao Bravo, and I just had to write to rave about your products! The SlapDrum SlapCajon just arrived and the sound quality is among the best I have ever played! The bass sounds like an IYA, and the slap like a quinto, with 3 distinct other tones that I could easily produce in the 2 hours I’ve had the drum in my possession. Please use me as a reference, the excellent service and communication just add to the experience. Thanks again!
Alberto Nacif
Visit Alberto at Tumbao Bravo

Wanted you to know I performed on WNBC here in South Bend, Indiana on Friday the 27th, and I used the SlapCajon, it was a huge success! In fact the morning show host asked me directly about it on camera, and I was sure to give a plug! As soon as I get my hands on a tape, I will make a copy and send it out to you, feel free to use it anyway you see fit! Thanks again for a great product!
Jimmy Colford – St. Joseph, MI

Santa Claus came early and delivered the cajon (SlapCajon) today … The drum sounds really good and my son plays the Paul Simon intro of the Brasil CD real cool. Thanks & Best Wishes (also from the guard-cat)
Dirk van der Starre – Holland

Your Slapdrum (SlapCajon) made it’s first appearance in our church on Sunday and the reaction to it was awesome! Everyone was simply amazed at the variety of tone and killer bass. Can’t wait to use it more in our ministry. Thanks again and God bless!
Alan Yokoyama – Pearl City, HI

My son and I want to personally thank you for the very fine x-tra basseeee SlapCajon. Wonderful product, I hope people purchase many. Thanks Again,
Lee Marier – Woodland, CA

You never know what you’re getting into by purchasing handmade goods by some stranger over the internet, (believe me, I’ve been burned…) and it is refreshing to get more than you expected… both product and customer service-wise. Keep it up! Thanks,
Brad Bailey – Huntersville, NC

I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled and satisfied I am with my SlapCajon. It sounded and felt great!! I got compliments from everyone I talked to after the show on how it sounded, and how it dramatically changed the mood of our music. All of my band mates feel the same way – everyone took turns playing it.
SlapDrum fan #1, Bob Matthews of Parker – The O.C. California

My name is Bob Matthews. I bought a cajon (SlapCajon) from you in 2002 or 2003. I have played that cajon at least 300 times at rehersals, performances, acoustic shows, gurilla unplugged shows, at the beach, at parties, etc… and I have really beat the hell out of it over the past 5 or 6 years (I use it primarily as a substitute for a drum set).

I have been playing drums on a cruise ship for the past four months and I pulled my cajon out of storage yesterday and immediately sat down and started grooving. Even after all these years of abuse and 4 months in storage, the cajon you made me still sounds as great as the first day I played it in your living room.

Furthermore, I have yet to meet it’s equal. On my travels to: Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, South Korea, and the Pacific Islands I have not laid hands on a cajon that sounds as good as the one you made me. I wanted you to know how happy (and surprised) I am with your product. Yours,
Bob Matthews

Received yesterday in great shape, (SlapCajon selected from the SlapDrum Art Gallery) very pleased with the final product and workmanship. Thanks.
Dale Morgan – Idaho

I Love this drum (SlapCajon), Thank you God Bless.
Jesse Pedregon in Cali

Chris, I received my slapdrum SlapCajon today … nice looks, great sound … Thanks again,

Snare Slap Cajon

I have played a couple of small opening type acoustic gigs with your drum (Snare SlapCajon). By the way, I have stolen the thunder of a few conga players with the drum. It is unusual to people here and many people approach me with questions and compliments after a set (more for the drum than my playing im sure) … Nice job and thanks again,
Darin – Bison Drum Co.

I received my cajon (Snare SlapCajon) and have been able to use it for the past couple of weeks.

HOLY MOLY. This is the fourth cajon I have owned and never have I played a better instrument. (Snare SlapCajon) I’m still finding new sounds; it’s easy on the palms and fingers and I’ve got an ‘all in one’ with the great huge bass sound (lower mid right), and great snare actions (1″ from the top). Plus all the different tonalities I can get from just hand placement on different parts of the drum. Thanks for a great instrument.
Kirk Carson – Parkville, MO

I love my Flamenco Cajon (Snare SlapCajon). It is pretty and well made. … you have a good future ahead of you because you strive toward making a good product.
Sue Meyer – Oklahoma

I’ve been enjoying the hell out of that new snared-up SlapDrum (Snare SlapCajon – Big Bad series). I eventually found that it’s got a huge amount of bass, but it’s so directional, I didn’t realize it. When I mic it, it has more deep end than my Tumba. And the snare is excellent. I’m currently playing around with it in combination with my 3-conga set. I put it on an extended snare stand, and it gives me a whole new dimension. I’ll be using it in gigs soon, and people will be wondering where the trap set is hiding. Thanks again!

I got the drum this afternoon and wow! I didn’t know it was possible for a cajon to even make a bass sound like that. It’s exactly what i was looking for. Here are the advantages of the SlapDrum Snare SlapCajon over other cajons I have played:

– The construction is top notch. Definitely the best quality woodworking I have seen in a cajon to date. It makes the cajons I have played in the music store look like toys and I can hear the difference in the sound.

– The SlapDrum snare mechanism works well and is super adjustable. It’s also cool that it can easily be completely removed (or enhanced by adding a second snare!). Many of the cajons I have seen have gimmicky snare mechanisms. The SlapDrum snare system is for real.

– The bass tone is so full that I will have to change the way I play… that’s a good thing! I’m used to hitting the bass tone with a lot of force (so much so that on my previous cajon I have actually knocked the snare mechanism out of adjustment in the middle of a show – not good). I can’t imagine that will ever be a problem with the SlapDrum snared cajon.

Overall the SlapDrum snared cajon is perfect for me. I have been a professional hand percussionist for 20 years. I have always enjoyed incorporating drum set beats and sensibilities into my hand drum playing. I feel the SlapDrum snare cajon will allow me to take the trap set feel to the next level (while still being versatile enough to be played more like a hand drum when I want it to).

PERFECT! Thanks for all your help!

p.s. A quick update on the Snare-SlapCajon. i played my first gig with it on the 15th of January. Three musician friends thought I was playing drum set until they looked at the stage and got a surprise (one mic about 10 inches from the sound hole). very cool!

(Snare SlapCajon) What you’re doing is a bit different from the traditional flamenco Cajon but actually better made and more reasonably priced.
Vic Varney – Georgia

Lap Drum

I got my drum within a week of you sending it – I love it. Very cool, different looking little thing that seems to keep eliciting the response of “What the hell is that?” Then, after insulting this sweet little drum those same people don’t want to stop playing it. Fun! Thanks,
Mary Love

Received my drum (LapDrum) yesterday, and wanted to thank you for such great service and a BEAUTIFUL sounding, and looking drum! I used it at a rehearsal last night, and everyone was blown away! I will definitely be investigating other drums you offer! Thanks again!
Jimmy Colford – Saint Joseph, MI

Received my slapdrum (LapDrum) last week, went into the studio within an hour of playing on it and laid down a very cool track. You have a wonderful product here and I am spreading the word to my Canadian Friends. Good work, well done, keep it up. la,la, la. Love it. Cheers,
Deborah McCullough

Thanks to your good packing and a little luck, it (the LapDrum) survived the post office. There was what seemed to be a footprint where someone at the post office had stepped on one edge of the box and a couple of other dents on the box but the LapDrum itself was undamaged. What a beautiful looking drum with a great range of full rich tones. I’ll be using it for lots of Cuban and Brasilian jams. Thanks again.
Rene Macay – Cali

I just received my new LapDrum and it is simply fabulous! It’s amazing how many tones are available from one unassuming little box. I took it to a jam session and was the “life of the party.” Keep up the good work!!!
Shawn Rivera of Az Yet – California

I received my LapDrum in fine condition last Friday. It looks and sounds great. I am getting some really cool sounds out of it by covering and uncovering the port. Thank you …
Mel Osborne – Sparta, NJ

You need to get this Slap/LapDrum into music stores. Every drummer should have one. I can not believe all the different sounds I’m getting out of this. I strap it down with a flat nylon strap around the bottom of my legs, then tie it on the side, then I push my legs apart so the strap gets really tight over the drum, giving the drum another facet & changing the tonal quality slightly but very cool. You can also add a sound by snapping the strap with your finger in between laying down a beat.
John Nokovic – Necedah, WI

My drum (LapDrum) arrived about half an hour ago and I haven’t stopped playing since. I opened the package — such beautiful sound for a great price!! I love the melodic quality and have been playing a number of basic 5-6 note riffs, just to see what I can get out of this thing — *love* the responsiveness of the heads.

This instrument allows me to do things I’ve never quite been able to pull off on traditional frame drums or arabuka. (My training is primarily in Middle Eastern styles, but I do play a lot of other instruments and rhythms.) I’ve mainly been playing it upright on my knees (so I can reach both sides of the drum easily), using my dominant hand on what is (I guess?) supposed to be the resonating head — wow!! (Ditto for cajon-like holds…) I can’t help wondering what this would sound like with some internal jingles — either pellet bells (like some frame drums) or resonant wood of different sizes and shapes….

Thanks SO much for your craftsmanship and dedication to detail — it shows … All the best,
Ellen Collison – Reedsville, PA
(BTW, I am going to be spreading the word about your work and site…!)

I have been having a whale of a time jamming away on it (LapDrum) in my quiet place on the top of a Welsh mountain, working out ideas for Sea Song. (Hence my stage name, Mount Bermo Timbo). Bermo is the old Welsh name for Barmouth, and I’m an old Welsh drummer.

I’ve been experimenting playing the Slap Drum every which way, bending the pitch with fingers and elbows, changing pitch with the sound hole Damping it by playing it flat on my knees (which sounds like a good recording option, maybe with a touch of compression and reverb), then playing it propped against my chest to get the full boom of the box. It’s a different shape from all my other drums, and this is a lot of fun to experiment with. After forty years of playing, it’s exhilarating to find something quite new. I ended up the day before yesterday trying for an hour or so combinations of slaps, finger rolls and knuckle raps. The tonal variety is superb. When you use alternating knuckles strikes and slaps it sounds positively conga like, really solid mid bass and powerful too for such a small box.

This is a skillfully designed, serious piece of percussion, and I am a big enthusiast. It’s a perfect foil for my favorite drum, the Arabian tabla. Congratulations for producing such an imaginative and finely crafted musical instrument.
Best wishes. Loaves and fishes, Cariad, Timbo

Snare Lap Drum

The LapDrum (Snare LapDrum) arrived here to Hornafjordur, Iceland today in good shape. Beautiful instrument and good sound! Will definitely order another and bigger drum… I give both you, for your service and your product A++ Thanks again. Back to drumming. Best from Iceland,

The Snared LapDrum arrived today fit as a fiddle, pun intended.

This is much cooler than I thought it would be. WOW! What sounds. I think my boy is going to love this. Some of the GI’s here are impressed too. Thanks much!

My new LapDrum (Snare LapDrum) is amazing-all that hear it love it! I agree with Eric that both heads produce many different sounds. For stability, versatility, and maximum sound (vibration from both heads) effectiveness, I mount my LapDrum on a snare stand as I play it.. It works really well. I’ve included 2 pictures as an example. I’m so impressed with this drum that it makes me want to look at your other drums too. God bless and thanks!
Larry H.

I ordered a LapDrum with snare from West Coast Drums and got it today. I played it with my ensemble and it rocked!!! It’s a lot of fun to play. Thanks for building and sharing them! Take care,
Matthew – Las Vegas

(Snare LapDrum) WU-HOO!!!! Awesome!!!! I love it. Just came in and everyone at work here is trying it out! Nice tones. We have a gentleman from Peru here too and he’s even downloading songs for us to listen to! Thanks much. I may be interested in a full sized Cajon sometime in the future and would like to visit your site again so beware!!!!!! THANX AGAIN!! STAY WELL . Best Regards,
Ted (Ragsdale Moonie) Rydzewski

I’m very impressed with the drum (Snare LapDrum) and have settled in to a comfortable playing technique (seated, lap drum between lower legs resting above ankles and held between knees. It is very well made to take plenty of bashing and the finish is certainly beautiful to the eye. I may treat it with linseed oil or some similar finish, to preserve the wood.

I like the dual head idea, which gives a different feel and range of timbres, both heads have rich but distinct textures. Maybe the most pleasant surprise is the wood vocal undertone. It’s almost like a harmonic under-breath as you play (easiest to hear when playing a symmetrical rhythm at a steady, medium tempo). It adds another dimension to the playing and would be great if miked up correctly, or played in the right acoustic environment. Something I’ve never heard on a traditional cajon. Regards,
Stas – Ireland

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